Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance Suggestions

To keep your Cast Classics furniture looking its best for years to come we recommend the following care and maintenance.

Keeping your furniture covered when not in use during the summer season will help maintain its beauty and cut back on the frequency of cleaning.

Cushions, Slings and Umbrella’s

The best way to maintain the beauty of your cushions or slings is to store them in a dry area out of the elements. You may choose to cover them with fitted furniture covers when not in use. Covers must be specifically engineered for outdoor applications.) If your furniture is being used in areas where birds and trees are plentiful, covering the furniture when not in use is especially recommended. IMPORTANT: Furniture must be completely dry before covering. The fabrics used by Cast Classics have been treated to resist stains. Wipe up minor spills with a mild soap and damp cloth. Over time you may have to use commercially available liquid cleansers designed for cleaning fabric. Follow the manufacturer's directions. Wet cushions should be stood on their sides to drain.

Frames & Wicker Weaves

All Cast Classics furniture should be cleaned regularly using a soft sponge with mild non-abrasive soap and water; just as you would your automobile. An outdoor furniture cleaner or car wash is the best type of soap to use. We do not recommend dish detergents as they typically leave an oily film which attracts dust.

Glass Tabletops

Use mild soap and water or commercially available glass cleaners. Do not use cleansers or abrasive materials.


It is inevitable that your furniture will end up with scratches and chips simply because of the environment it is in. These chips and scratches will not affect the integrity of your frames, but should be tended to as soon as possible to insure the long-term beauty of your product. The frames of your Cast Classics furniture are aluminum and will not rust. However, exposed areas may oxidize which will make it difficult for paint to adhere in the future. Apply touch up to scratches and chips with Cast Classics touch up paint immediately. Touch up paint can be ordered from your local Cast Classics dealer.

Winter & General Storage

Clean your frames and allow them to completely dry before storing. In climates where freezing is possible, be sure to drain any water accumulated inside the frames before storing for the winter. (Drain if necessary by removing foot or rail caps and positioning chair appropriately for drainage.) Trapped water will freeze and expand causing frames to crack and distort. "Weep Holes" are small holes placed strategically in the underside of various areas on an extruded aluminum frame (e.g., under arms) to allow moisture to escape. Periodically check these holes and make sure they are clear.

Do not store your furniture upside down as this will cause improper drainage and may lead to freeze damage. Whenever possible, store indoors for the winter or use a protective fitted cover. Always store your furniture and table right side up and leave the table base attached. Use special care when storing or moving glass tabletops. Glass is not covered by any warranty unless a manufacturer's defect is obvious.

Protect and secure your furniture when high winds are predicted or present. Extreme caution should also be taken with your umbrella. Always close your umbrella when not in use or when high winds are predicted or present. Leaving an umbrella open in the wind voids the warranty.